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How to Start

To use NginxTray, there are few simple steps to do:
  1. Download the last version of NginxTray
  2. Extract the zip
  3. Execute NginxTray.exe; you should have the NT icon (NginxTray) in your Tray bar.
  4. Download the last version of Nginx Web Server for Windows (
  5. Extract Nginx in C:\nginx directory. You should have nginx.exe in this path C:\nginx\nginx.exe
  6. Finish. You can now start and stop nginx by the the menu of tray icon.

You could collocate nginx directory everywhwere, but you have to change the path in the NginxTray's Settings.

Enable PHP FastCGI management

Enable PHP FastCGI require this easy step:
  1. Download the last version of PHP binaries (
  2. Extract PHP in C:\php directory. You should have php-cgi.exe in this path C:\php\php-cgi.exe
  3. Enable PHP FastCGI Check in the NginxTray's Settings and Save
  4. Finish. PHP start and stop together Nginx

Remember: you must set Nginx to use PHP FastCGI

You could collocate php directory everywhwere and set a different PHP Address execution, but you have to change the directory and the address in the NginxTray's Settings.

That's all.


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